Turning Your Electroplating Hobby Into a Business

Making money from your hobbies is not an easy thing to do. Not only do you need to make sure that you have all the legal and tax considerations taken care of, but you need to have enough stock and leads to make a profit. A good place to start is by researching which supplies, licenses and platforms you need to include in your business plan.


Some of the supplies that you will need for electroplating include plating tanks that will not react with the plating solution, this usually means heavy-duty plastic and a power source. You will need leads to connect the item you are electroplating to the battery. You will also need an electrode of the coating material and the item you want to electroplate. The more you plan on producing, the more you will have to research getting the supplies in an affordable fashion.


Different types of businesses will need different types of licenses. For instance, if you are using an acidic solution for electroplating or anodizing, then you might need to have a license or certification to have the amounts, and types, of acid that you work with. Looking into local, state and federal laws regulations can help you determine which licenses you will need for your business.


An important item to include in your business plan is which platforms you are going to sell your items on. this can include your own website, a third-party seller site or even art shows and local small businesses. It is a good idea to include social media marketing in your plan and to research what you need to sell items on each of the most popular platforms.

Turning your hobby into a profitable business can be something that you jump into with both feet or something that you wade into one step at a time. Either way, it is a good idea to have a business plan which includes things like getting supplies and licenses as well as vendor platforms you plan on using.…

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The Directional Coupler

Mostly used in radio technology, directional couplers adjust electromagnetic power in a transmission in order to be used on a different circuit. This type of coupler only couples the power going in one direction and is not able to do two directions at once. They are often constructed in a way that, when the lines are set close together, the energy would pass from one to another, typically seen in microwave frequencies.

Extremely Useful

Directional couplers are extremely useful in signal flow. Once placed in the path of a main transmission, the couplers are able to take a small amount of energy and redirect it to one, or multiple, ports that are coupled as well. The amount of coupling offered generally impacts the minimum insertion loss. It is important to remember that with more decoupling there will be a greater loss of transmission power.

Two Types

There are two types of directional couplers. First is the standard directional coupler, which often works with a single couple port as well as a terminated port. The second is a bi-directional coupler, which has a forward and reverse port. There are different versions of the bi-directional coupler, which may often impact which side to couple the forward and reverse ports of the device.

Get the Best Directional Coupler

The parameters to check for a good coupler is based on insertion loss and tap loss. Some couplers suffer from more insertion loss in the transmission, which prevents signal from appearing at the port, while other couplers suffer from lower signal levels than what should be coming out of the port. It is important to discuss the differences with a professional about the different makes and designs in order to get the best coupler on the market, whether it is a standard directional or bi-directional coupler.…

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Handling Byproducts of Metal Processing

Smelting and refining metals means separating out impurities from the desired metal, and those impurities—along with any additives in the process—must go somewhere. Just as with any other manufacturing process, what is done with the byproducts is just as important as any other step, both for environmental and economic reasons. A manufacturer is responsible for handling any slag, dross or similar materials that arise from metal processing.

What Byproducts Are Created

The metals used in everyday life start as ores extracted from the earth. Mixed with the desired metal are carbonates, oxides, silicates, sulfides and more that must be separated out. These impurities, as well as metal oxides formed during smelting, collect as a glass-like liquid called slag. The type of slag formed depends much on the metal and the impurities being removed; for instance, non-ferrous smelting produces slag containing iron and silica, while the slag formed from steel results from fluxes added to remove impurities.

Extracting Byproducts

Removing slag first requires coaxing impurities to collect in this form, both through chemical additives and continuous stirring or agitation. The impurities, insoluble in molten metal, rise to the surface, where it can be poured off and stored in a slag pot for safe transport. When it cools, the slag takes on a solid aggregate form, with faster cooling resulting in smaller grains or pellets.

Making Use of Slag

Disposal of slag by transporting it to a landfill is common, but the environmental impact is severe and costly to clean up after. However, though it’s a byproduct apart from the valuable metal, it can still have use itself. Reprocessed and recycled slag can be used as an aggregate in producing cement or asphalt, sometimes with higher-quality results than other aggregates. Some forms of steel slag also demonstrate acid-neutralizing capabilities that can be put to use in treating acidic soil.…

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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Buy a Boat Lift

Marine boats can be quite expensive, and just like any other investment, you could end up even spending more if you do not regularly maintain it to make sure it’s in perfect condition. One of the items often necessary to help you keep your boat in good condition is marine boat lifts. Below are four important reasons why you should buy a boat lift.

1. To Prevent Your Boat From Getting Damaged

Leaving your boat on the water for long periods could lead to algae growth. It also may cause corrosion at the bottom of the boat. Water could also ruin the paint job, leaving it looking old and rusty. A boat lift prevents the boat from direct water contact, therefore minimizing the risks.

2. To Offer Secure Storage

One would think the safest place to store your boat safely is in the water. This may not be the case. During bad weather and massive waves, the boat could be knocked around at the dock and, even worse, sink. By securing your boat on a boat lift, it can help reduce the impact, protecting your boat from potential destruction.

3. To Extend the Lifespan of Your Boat

No matter how long you use something, if you keep it in good condition, its lifespan should extend. The same goes for your boat. By preventing it from corrosion and being knocked around, your boat should serve you for long periods without any issues. However, if you neglect it, you may end up spending more money on the repair. A boat lift saves you the extra expenses.

4. To Give You Peace of Mind

You probably spent a fortune on your boat, and the last thing you want is to always worry about its condition. A boat lift gives you the chance to enjoy boat ownership knowing that your craft is protected.

It may seem unnecessary and expensive to have a boat. However, in the long run, the amount of money you spend to purchase a boat lift should come nothing close to what you would spend on prevented maintenance and repair costs. The choice is yours!…

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How to Start a Plumbing Business

Starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things you ever do. If you have a knack for working with your hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty, then becoming a plumber might be the right move for you. This is a great industry to start a business in because you can be your own boss and set your own prices. Offering a range of services like unclogging and pressure testing services can make you a hot commodity in your neighborhood.


Not every average Joe can walk off the street and start working as a plumber. To work as a plumber you will need to attend a trade school or program that lets you earn your certification. After you are certified to work, you should try to secure an apprenticeship with an experienced plumber so you can get some on-the-job training. This will help customers to feel confident in you and trust that you know how to get the job done.

Starting Your Business

When you start setting up a business of your own, it can sometimes help to specialize in a certain area of plumbing, especially in large cities. This can help you to stand out in a crowded market and develop more business. Whatever specialty you choose will most likely need specific equipment, so you’ll have to plan to invest to the tools you’ll need to do the job.

Once these initial steps are done, you can register your business with your state a city. There are laws that can vary in every area, so be sure you comply with the specific laws in your town. You’ll also need to set up a contract that customers can sign and a pricing system so you can give quotes for different types of jobs.…

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Containing Your Hazardous Material in Transit

There may be a time when you are required to ship a hazardous material. Relinquishing possession of a substance that could potentially harm a person or the environment requires special attention. You, as the shipper, are responsible for the safety and security of that material. There can be legal ramifications if you violate the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. However, upon investigation, you might find the necessary US DOT training and certification to be relatively straightforward.

What Is Hazmat?

U.S. Federal Regulations offer a Hazardous Materials Table where you can classify your hazardous material, or hazmat, and view the specific standards regarding its transportation. Hazmats may include but are not limited to:

  • Lithium batteries
  • Dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • Biomedical
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Radioactive substances

Also, be aware that if your hazmat is a Chemical of Interest that could potentially be a security risk, additional Department of Homeland Security concerns apply.

Proper Packaging

The hazard classification will determine the proper packaging necessary to transport your product safely. The quantity of your material may affect what packaging is most appropriate. At this point, securing competent authority approval for your packaging can help certify that it meets regulatory requirements.

Find a Carrier

A correctly packaged hazmat can only be transported by a carrier that has been issued a safety permit by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is generally a good idea to contact your transporter directly to coordinate the pickup and delivery of your particular hazmat so that it is shipped safely and expediently. If your shipment’s destination is outside the U.S., be on the lookout for special requirements for imports and exports.

Hazardous materials have become a part of everyday life. Proper attention to the rules regarding your specific hazmat can help make sure that the hazard stays inside the box until your recipient is ready to take it out.…

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Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Building a new home from the ground up can be an exciting process. If you don’t choose the contractor who is right for the job, however, some of that excitement can quickly turn into frustration. Here are some questions to ask prospective project managers before you commit to hiring one.

What Licenses and Certifications Do You Have?

The first thing you should find out when you are vetting construction companies is if they and the people they employ have the appropriate licenses for your area. Certifications tell you that they have the training and experience that is necessary to do the job right.

What Precautions Do You Take Against Flooding?

Construction sites are notorious for flooding, but there are steps the team can take to minimize its impact. They should have a plan for mechanical dewatering to account for the swell from groundwater as well as a rainy day plan.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Being kept in the loop is important when you are taking on a large, expensive project. Establish an agreement before the work even begins regarding your expectations for communication method and frequency.

How Do You Decide When To Call in a Specialist?

It is unlikely that the contractor you hire will have specialized knowledge in every task that is necessary to build your home. Find out how your prospective hires decide when it’s time to defer to someone else’s expertise. They may even already have other specialists with whom they routinely work. Getting this information ahead of time reduces the number of surprises later.

A good contractor can help make your dream home a reality, but someone who is ill-suited for your project can delay that dream. Asking questions as you are choosing someone to lead the construction team can help you find the person who is right for the job.…

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The Job of a Cell Phone Tower Technician

Cell phones have become an essential part of everyday life. These lines are kept operational by workers who install and maintain the cell phone towers that broadcast these signals. Here are a few things that a cell phone tower technician does for his job.

Climbing To the Top

If you like to climb up cliffs or mountains, you might enjoy being a technician. People who apply for this job must like heights. When they work, they should be with someone who has tower rescue training. They must be strong enough to carry several pounds of tools up and down the ladder and be able to stand the elements whether it is summer or winter.

Have the Training

Technicians must have the knowledge to repair multiple issues from a light bulb that has burnt out to a transmission issue that knocks out service. These problems can occur at any time so they must be versatile to fix them when they happen whether it is light or dark. They must also be aware of any complications that might happen beyond what they were sent for. If they ignore a problem, especially if it pertains to the structural integrity of the tower itself, it can cause dangerous problems for them or other workers in the future.

Being Safe and Aware

When a technician is on the job, they must have the safety gear of the job on them such as a harness and any other products that protect them when they climb. They need to wear them at all times on the tower. They must know what the weather will be like and plan accordingly. If there is a storm in the area that might have lightning or they get too hot from the exposure of the sun, they need to climb down and wait it out.…

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