3 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Office

Small Office

Most people dream about large offices with huge lobbies and great views, but these spaces aren’t in everyone’s budget. If you’re struggling to fit all your work supplies into a smaller-than-anticipated workplace, here’s what you can do to maximize your space.

1. Increase Your Mobility

While it’s tempting to use large bookshelves to organize your supplies, these bulky containers often get in your way. Consider swapping out your shelves and bins for storage solutions that are easy to move. Put supplies that you use all the time on a cart with spring loaded casters so you can take them with you as you work. Hang shoe organizers from your door or wall to hold pens, index cards, files, staplers, and other small tools. By investing in mobile storage, you anticipate future office changes and keep yourself from getting stuck.

2. Sort Through Your Supplies Regularly

You probably don’t need all the belongings you’re keeping in your office, even if you think you know exactly what you have. Every month, go through all your files, permanently store the ones you need, and recycle the rest. Twice a year, empty out your desk drawers and other storage receptacles. You’ll be shocked at how many paper clips, pencils, and staples fit in between your binders and notebooks.

3. Go Digital

Many people like to hold paper copies of documents, but you don’t need to print copies of every memo and agenda. By using digital documents, you reduce the amount of paper storage you need. You also cut down on your stapler, paper clip, and folder usage, freeing up room for more crucial supplies. As an added bonus, you save money on paper and ink.

Sometimes it’s stressful to work in a small office, but by following these three steps, you create a workspace that’s perfect for your needs.…

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