Fashion Design

2 Tips for Encouraging a Child’s Interest in Fashion Design


Childhood is a time for kids to have fun, be creative and explore the world around them. Those early years of play and exploration may also chart a course for a future career, however. One exciting field that attracts both boys and girls is the glamorous world of fashion design and encouraging a child’s interest in it may bear fruit sooner than later. After all, Isabella Rose Taylor was only 13 years old when fashion giant Nordstrom picked up her line. Factor in a mean salary of more than $74,000 for fashion designers, and it’s easy to see why many parents are eager to foster a child’s fondness for fashion. Here are two tips that will help nurture your youngster’s interest and aptitude for style.

Provide Hands-On Experiences

Interactive learning is extremely beneficial when it comes to children. Budding designers need to touch and feel fabrics to understand the material. Offer them strips of different colors, patterns and textures so kids can see what they like and what works well together.

Teaching youngsters to sew helps them explore fashion design while also providing an important life skill. Adjustable mannequins and dress forms give kids a model they can use to explore draping and other techniques. Search for mannequin rentals Ontario CA or in your area to find a product that’s right for your child.

Identify Personal Styles

Every young designer has a personal sense of style that makes his or her fashions unique. By trying on different clothing, feeling various fabrics and experimenting with color, children learn to creatively express their individuality. It’s especially helpful when parents provide glossy fashion magazines so kids can see highly detailed and colorful photos that they can use as inspiration in their own designs. Then provide sketch books and colored pencils so they can begin drawing their very own creations.

Even if a child doesn’t become a famous fashion designer, it’s a great way for him or her to have fun and gain self-esteem. Try these tips to encourage your child’s interest in the activity.