How To Utilize Fire Prevention In Your Facility

Fire Prevention

You own a successful company and your facility is up to date on any improvements that will help it run smoothly. However, you need to be prepared in the event something would happen and a fire breaks out in the building. Here are a few steps to be ready if this occurs.

Inspect Fire Prevention Equipment

Keep your staff safe by ensuring the implements that are installed to prevent or control a fire work properly when they are needed. Testing fire sprinklers california will tell you if they should be repaired or if they are functional. Contact the organization that handles the security in your building to test the alarms to ensure they are operational. You should have this done while your employees are onsite so they can practice evacuating the area. Check the exit signs for any bulbs that have burned out and replace them as soon as possible. Instruct everyone in the building to keep aisles clear of boxes, trash cans, and other objects that could slow up an escape from the structure.

Provide Training To Your Employees

Put together a team to evaluate the procedures that your company uses in the event of a fire. Have them make updates where it is necessary. Review the ideal evacuation plans for each department and record them in a document that can be shared with everyone in the company. Set aside time to administer training to your employees. Be sure that they understand how to exit the facility if there is a problem as well as the correct way to handle and store flammable materials. They should also know where to find the fire extinguishers and operate them or how to call for emergency services. Have your committee meet often to update your plans or talk about anything that may have happened in the recent past so they can determine the best way to handle it in the future.

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