Duties of Employers under the OSH Act


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which you probably better know as OSHA, is the leading authority on safety in the workplace. As an employer, you must be aware of and follow all OSHA regulations for your industry.

OSHA has specific regulations for some industries, but the chances are good that your business falls under general industry regulations. You must follow the rules and guidelines put in place under the OSH Act, which OSHA enforces. This includes some basic duties.

An Employer’s OSH Duties

According to OSHA, one of the most basic duties you have is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. You need to have processes and systems in place to identify hazards and remove them as quickly as possible.

You must also provide your employees with training and information that will teach them about their duties under the OSH Act and about your duties under the act. To do this, you will utilize posters you can hang in the workspace. You should also provide them with training for general industry Erie Co. Such training should cover the basics of OSHA regulations and requirements.

Another duty you have is to provide tools and equipment to your employees that reduce safety and health risks. You could provide ergonomic chairs for your office workers or safety glasses for factory workers. The equipment you provide will depend on the exact work your employees do.

One final main duty is that you have to carefully keep records of safety issues, injuries and other related information. You must meet OSHA guidelines for recordkeeping. You also must keep these records in a way that you can provide employees access to them if they request it.

Avoiding Trouble

Safety is something that you must take seriously, and lawmakers and other experts have taken care to implement these duties to best protect your employees. If you fail to carry out the duties the OSH Act lays out, you will face sanctions by OSHA.