How to Winterize a Car Wash


Regardless of where you are in the country, you may have experienced a freeze already this year. Freezing temperatures are not great for a car wash. Here are some tips to winterize your car wash before the next one hits.

Leak Check

This is the perfect time of year to check all the pipes and equipment for leaks. When you find a leak, car wash repair services can help you fix it saving you money on water and solutions. A small leak can cost hundreds of dollars in water alone. Fixing leaks also prevents the pipes and tubes from freezing which can lead to bursting.

Equipment Inspection

Now is a good time to check the exhaust and emissions of the equipment. Perform pressure tests, test the water heaters, test all units, check burners, inspect boilers and look at all piping. Now’s a good time to look at your electronic systems in place. Make sure all the connectors are properly connected and there are no warning lights.

Utility Usage

If you only check your electric and gas usage once a year, now is a great time to do that. You can see where you can cut back on usage. High output may mean a piece of equipment is not properly functioning. An undetected gas leak or high usage can increase your overhead while the car wash isn’t used much. This can decrease your yearly profits.

Heat System

Many car washes come with a built-in de-icing system. Make sure it properly functions before the first freeze. The last thing you need is to be shuttered for business because they failed to work. While you may naturally close while the temperatures drop below freezing, you don’t want to be closed for days because the lines take longer to thaw. While you’re at it, make sure the burners have nothing blocking them and the valves work properly.