Questions To Ask Your Contractor


Building a new home from the ground up can be an exciting process. If you don’t choose the contractor who is right for the job, however, some of that excitement can quickly turn into frustration. Here are some questions to ask prospective project managers before you commit to hiring one.

What Licenses and Certifications Do You Have?

The first thing you should find out when you are vetting construction companies is if they and the people they employ have the appropriate licenses for your area. Certifications tell you that they have the training and experience that is necessary to do the job right.

What Precautions Do You Take Against Flooding?

Construction sites are notorious for flooding, but there are steps the team can take to minimize its impact. They should have a plan for mechanical dewatering to account for the swell from groundwater as well as a rainy day plan.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Being kept in the loop is important when you are taking on a large, expensive project. Establish an agreement before the work even begins regarding your expectations for communication method and frequency.

How Do You Decide When To Call in a Specialist?

It is unlikely that the contractor you hire will have specialized knowledge in every task that is necessary to build your home. Find out how your prospective hires decide when it’s time to defer to someone else’s expertise. They may even already have other specialists with whom they routinely work. Getting this information ahead of time reduces the number of surprises later.

A good contractor can help make your dream home a reality, but someone who is ill-suited for your project can delay that dream. Asking questions as you are choosing someone to lead the construction team can help you find the person who is right for the job.