Storing Your Heavy Machinery: 3 Things You Must Know

Industrial Engineering


It’s not always easy finding a quality place to store your machinery. Depending on how long the machine will be sitting idle, improper storage could result in damage, wear-and-tear from idleness, or even vandalism.

Luckily, by finding the right machinery storage Pittsburgh PA, you can park your machine with confidence and help deter costly complications and theft.

1. Store Your Machine in a Safe Place.

It’s imperative to store your machine at a quality location. Ideally, this facility will have other vehicles and machines parked close together to deter thieves from walking in-between. It should also be well-lit and have security cameras (or a security guard) to deter criminal activities.

The machine itself should be properly prepared for storage. Moving parts and grease points should be lubricated, fluid levels should be topped off, and the machine should be covered with a tarp to protect from the elements.

2. Move the Machine Often.

Idle vehicles and machinery are prone to breakage due to disuse. When a machine sits too long, gears can become stiff and brittle and rodents can take refuge. Sometimes, these small critters can do considerable damage by chewing through important electrical components.

To prevent issues caused by idleness, it’s important to move the machinery every so often, about once a month at least. Keeping the machine active is critical to keep it running smoothly over time.

3. Know Your Climate.

Temperature fluctuations can cause a host of issues for cars and machines. It’s important to know your climate and prepare for the complications each can cause.

Warm, dry weather can cause strain on mechanical components. In extreme heat, rubber parts like hoses can break apart or even disintegrate. On the flip side, excessively cold weather can cause fluids such as radiator, engine, and hydraulic fluid to thicken and not perform properly. It can also cause tire pressure fluctuations and battery problems.

There are many considerations for storing your machinery properly. Luckily, with the right knowledge and preparation, you can keep your machine free from breakage and vandalism.