3 Uses for Compressed Air You Never Knew

Compressed Air

Today’s world moves fast and includes a lot of advanced technology. From nanosurgical robots to techniques and tools for exploring outer space, new developments are unveiled daily. However, some seemingly low-tech substances also play a big part in your life. Compressed air, for example, performs tasks that might surprise you. Here are three uses for compressed air you never knew.

Theme Parks

Many things may come to mind when you think about amusement parks. Fun music, tasty food, and certainly, exciting rides. Theme parks are dependent on compressed air to give visitors the out-of-this-world experiences they seek. This happens in multiple ways.

  • Air compressors provide power for rollercoasters, including entry and exit gates, brakes, and safety systems such as passenger restraints.
  • Special effects in some attractions and rides depend on air compressors, such as lowering stages and blowing on audiences to simulate an anti-gravity effect.
  • Compressed air is used to power animatronic figures and props in some rides and attractions to enhance the overall experience.

With so much dependence on air compressors, theme parks depend on parts such as Donaldson compressed air filters to keep everything running.


The next time you see a yellow school bus, you can think about how compressed air powers it. Compressed air is not only used to inflate the tires but also to manufacture them as well as the seat coverings. The bus’ brakes and suspension also operate through compressed air pressure.


Clean compressed air is used as part of the manufacturing process for some items. When the air makes contact with certain ingredients, new substances are formed. Air compressors help insure this air is clean. Some industries that use air itself as a catalyst include pharmaceuticals, medical breathing air, and electronics.

While many high-tech developments drive society forward, one important substance used in many ways today is all around you. Compressed air has many applications, from life-saving technology to amusement. The more you know, the more interesting the seemingly mundane becomes.…

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