Prepare Your Metal Shed To Face Old Man Winter

If you own or maintain metal storage sheds for industrial use in cold climates, you need to take steps to prepare the buildings for winter during the fall season. If you fail to take action in a timely manner, freezing temperatures or heavy snowfalls can cause damage to the structures and inside contents. Fabricate a routine maintenance plan for your metal sheds by doing the following before the temperatures dip.


Start by performing a twofold visual inspection. First, take in the entire structure from a distance to see if anything stands out. Look for faded or peeling paint, structural sections pulling away and obvious subsidence-caused listing. Second, get up close and inspect for obvious issues such as rust, weakened and failing components and cracked welds. Finally, examine the roof for obvious signs of weathering.


For safety reasons, address deterioration immediately; it is especially important to enlist welding companies Houston TX to repair critical points-of-connection. Tighten bolts and screws; replace those that are corroded. To avoid or remediate leaks, clean and secure gutters. Sand rust, prime and patch exposed metal and paint all surfaces as necessary.


Shed doors need to operate smoothly; cold temperatures will exacerbate any binding or sticky track-movements. Liberally apply industrial grease or other cold-weather lubricants to springs, rollers, hinges and other moving metal parts.


If you have put off insulating, install the best you can afford. If you took this step already, check the insulation to make sure it is not pulling from sides and ceilings. Check door and window seals and re-caulk to prevent drafts.

Although metal storage sheds should be designed to stand up to all weather elements, winter can be especially tough on them. By taking steps to inspect and maintain any industrial sheds that you oversee, you can rest easy when you see the snow piling up on a cold night.…

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