The Job of a Cell Phone Tower Technician


Cell phones have become an essential part of everyday life. These lines are kept operational by workers who install and maintain the cell phone towers that broadcast these signals. Here are a few things that a cell phone tower technician does for his job.

Climbing To the Top

If you like to climb up cliffs or mountains, you might enjoy being a technician. People who apply for this job must like heights. When they work, they should be with someone who has tower rescue training. They must be strong enough to carry several pounds of tools up and down the ladder and be able to stand the elements whether it is summer or winter.

Have the Training

Technicians must have the knowledge to repair multiple issues from a light bulb that has burnt out to a transmission issue that knocks out service. These problems can occur at any time so they must be versatile to fix them when they happen whether it is light or dark. They must also be aware of any complications that might happen beyond what they were sent for. If they ignore a problem, especially if it pertains to the structural integrity of the tower itself, it can cause dangerous problems for them or other workers in the future.

Being Safe and Aware

When a technician is on the job, they must have the safety gear of the job on them such as a harness and any other products that protect them when they climb. They need to wear them at all times on the tower. They must know what the weather will be like and plan accordingly. If there is a storm in the area that might have lightning or they get too hot from the exposure of the sun, they need to climb down and wait it out.