Tips For Building Your Own Pottery Kiln

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Pottery Kiln

You love creating beautiful pottery, but taking it elsewhere for firing can be a pain. Fortunately, you can build your brick kiln for firing in your backyard. Here are the steps involved.

Gather the Materials

You need refractory bricks, also known as firebricks, that can handle tremendous heat without cracking and provide insulation. Contact custom engineered refractory services to obtain these bricks for your kiln.

Find the Space

You’ll also need a good-sized area that’s at least fifteen feet from any building to reduce the risk of burning down your home or other building. A housefire is not only destructive but could be deadly. Give yourself space to avoid that risk. You also need a nearby source of water such as a garden hose.

Build the Kiln

You want your kiln to be stable, so dig a round pit in the soil at least the depth of one brick. Lay bricks around the base, and bind them together by mixing a mortar of equal parts of mud and sand. Continue building your kiln until it reaches the height you desire.

Add a Thermocouple

To make sure your kiln reaches the correct temperature for firing your pottery, you’ll need to install a thermocouple, which is an electrical device designed to measure high temperatures.

You can make a place in your kiln to hold the thermocouple by rolling a corn husk and setting it in the mortar. The first time you fire the kiln, the husk will burn away, leaving a hole the right size for your thermocouple.

Add a Grill

You’ll need a grill to set the pottery on. Drill holes in the top bricks and insert bolts into them to hold the grills. Barbecue grills are a good choice as they tend to be durable and can withstand heat.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have a low-cost way to fire your pottery at home.