Ways to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste


Large operations require large expense accounts, but you can still tighten your processes for efficiency. Here are three ways you can seal the leaks in your industry for a well-contained system.

Use Specialized Services for Industry

All businesses have small tasks that take away the focus from the task at hand. Cleaning is an excellent example. Instead of having your staff take care of the premises, machines, or other tangibles, hire it out. Many companies specialize in services for industries, like industrial rag cleaning service, or waste removal. Examine your tasks and see which services you can outsource. You may pay more initially, but your staff will be able to spend their time in their specialized areas, improving the output.

Use Biodegradable Packaging and Less of it

Packaging is a large percentage of waste that companies bring in and put out. Source your materials from companies that use minimal packaging if you can. Then, meet with your product and branding managers to see what kind of minimalistic, biodegradable packing you can use that is best for your image safest for product transport.

Follow the 80-20 Rule

If you analyze what is making you the most profit, you’ll notice that it is probably only twenty percent of your overall operations. The point is not to eliminate the remaining eighty percent of your business, but to focus most of your energy on the most-profitable twenty percent of products or services. You may even want to split that further. You can apply the 80-20 rule to that segment to further hone your investment of time and money.

There are several ways to maximize the efficiency of your industry. Once you start with these three ideas, you’ll begin to notice more ways to minimize waste in these categories and others, such as energy efficiency, transport, on-boarding, and marketing.